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Employment Opportunity

The Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is a private nonprofit organization with the majority of its directors representing businesses in Tulare County.

Our investments and funding strategies advance Tulare County's economic vitality by growing the skills and talent of our workforce. Because of our skilled workforce talent, Tulare County businesses continue to thrive.

The WIB is seeking qualified candidates to fill two Workforce Development Analyst positions. The positions described below offer opportunities to positively impact businesses and the lives of jobseekers in Tulare County.

Two Workforce Development Analyst Positions

Workforce Development Analysts lead employment and training initiatives and are a liaison between the WIB, its subcontractors, and partner agencies. A Workforce Development Analyst is responsible for the tracking of grant funds, expenditures, project performance, and providing technical assistance and training to subcontractors and partner agencies.

A workforce development analyst may also fill the role of a Disability Resource Specialist and lead the Disability Employment Accelerator initiative. The DEA initiative provides persons with disabilities a path to employment utilizing a variety of tools and resources such as Disability Benefits 101, Department of Rehabilitation and the Job Accommodation Network in collaboration with local partner agencies.

Follow the link to Tulare County Human Resource and Development to complete the single application for both positions.

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