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Labor Market Information provides important insight when considering business attraction and retention, workforce availability, strategic planning, and more.

For industry-specific information, check out our Priority Sector Profiles, education-driven CTE Profiles, or make a specific data request

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Industry Sector Profiles provide an overview of an industry, including information on the most common education programs, prominent local businesses, and highest-earning occupations in the area.


Click on the industry icon below to download a report.


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The Career Technical Education (CTE) Standards for California Public Schools were designed to prepare students to be both Career and College ready and to prepare them for future careers. The standards, written for grades seven through twelve, specify learning goals in 58 career pathways organized around 15 industry sectors.  Using labor market information representing Tulare, Kings, and Fresno Counties, the Workforce Investment Board of Tulare County has created a series of CTE Labor Market profiles to help students explore the 15 industry sectors and find local career opportunities.  


Click on the occupation icon below to download a report of CA's CTE program trajectory.

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