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Do you have questions about your data request, you're in the right place. If you still can't find what you're looking for or you have a question that is not on this page, please contact us at 559.713.5200

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What kinds of data can I request?

There are currently four types of data you can request through the form:

  • Occupation/Industry
• Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes are used to pull occupational data. If you need help finding specific SOC codes for your request, please refer to O*NET. • NAICS codes are used to pull industry-related data. If you need help finding specific NAICS codes for your request, please refer to
  • Employment/unemployment statistics
  • Online job postings
  • Demographics

How long will it take to receive my data?

Once we have confirmed the details of your request, it will usually take 5–7 business days to complete. However, that time frame may change depending on the complexity or quantity of request. Also note that if additional information is needed, that can delay your report.

Why might you need additional information?

Often times the request are too broad and in order for us to provide a better snapshot of the request, we will need some additional information. One of our certified EMSI staff members will guide you with your request to ensure you are getting an accurate report that meets your need.

In what format will my request be emailed?

Reports are generated as a .pdf file but some of the data can be presented as an Excel or .csv file.

How much does a research request cost?

There is no cost for a request however it might take some time to finalize a report. All we ask is that the information requested be focused on Tulare County and you inform us on how this information will be utilized as well as identify who your audience might be.

The request form doesn't capture my request. What should I do?

For help, please call the front dest at 559.713.5200 and request to speak to a Labor Market Information Specialist. To contact direct, email: with your inquiry.