Active Directives

TUL 21

      TUL 21-07  70 Percent LLSIL & Poverty Guidelines for 2021

      TUL 21-06  Bonus and Salary limitations 2021

    •  TUL 21-05 Pseudo Social Security Number in CalJOBS

    •  TUL 21-04  CalJobs Participant Reporting

    •  TUL 21-03  Incident Reporting

    •  TUL 21-02  Audit Requirements



TUL 20

    •TUL 20-06   Local Policy: Youth Work Experience Directive

    •TUL 20-05   Recovery of WIOA Tuition and Training Refunds

    TUL 20-03   WIOA Youth Program Requirements

    TUL 20-02   Worker Displacement Prohibition

    TUL 20-01   Performance Guidance

TUL 19

     •TUL-19-06  WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Follow-up Services

     TUL-19-05  Contract Closeout Directive

     •TUL 19-04  Pathway To Services Referral, and Enrollment

     •TUL 19-03  Use and Confidentiality of Participants Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

     TUL 19-02  WIOA Title I Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth On-the-Job Training (OJT) Policy and Procedures

     •TUL 19-01  WIOA Grievance and Complaint Resolution Procedures

TUL 18

     •TUL 18-03  Local Policy - Adult and Dislocated Worker Transitional Job Policy and Procedure 
     TUL 18-02  Revised WIOA Youth Requirements

     •TUL 18-01  Limited English Proficiency        


TUL 17

     •TUL 17-01  Property - Purchasing, Inventory, and Disposal

     •TUL 17-02  WIOA Title I Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth Supportive Services Policy 

     TUL 17-03  Selective Service Registration
     •TUL 17-04  Allowable Costs And Prior Written Approval

     •TUL 17-05  Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Procedures      

     •TUL 17-08 Oversight and Monitoring for Nondiscrimination and EO Procedures


TUL 16
     •TUL 16-01  WIOA Adult Program Priority of Service     
     •TUL 16-04  Subsidized Employment and Employee Benefits

TUL 15
    •TUL 15-01  WIB ETPL Initial Program Eligibility Waiver Process   
    •TUL 15-05  WIB WIOA Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) Policy and Procedures

TUL 14
     •TUL 14-05  WIA Training Expenditure Requirements

     •TUL 14-06  WIA Title I-B Eligibility TAG

     •TUL 14-08  Employment Connection One-Stop System Co-Branding Guidelines     

     •TUL13-06  Youth Incentive Policy

TUL 12
     •TUL 12-06  WIB Directive Individual Training Account     
     •TUL 12-03  Work Permits

TUL 10
     •TULWIBD 10-10  Tulare County Self-Sufficiency Level

     •TULWIBD 10-08  Program Income
     •TCWIBD 10-03  Audit Resolution

TUL 09
     •TCWIBD 09-06  Organizational Information Change
     •TCWIBD 09-02a  Integrated Reporting Memo
     •TCWIBD 09-02  Integrated Program Accountability

TUL 07
     •TCWIBD07-02  Approval of Common Performance Measures

TUL 06
     •TCWIBD06-06  Minimum Wage

     •TCWIBD05-13  Allowable Costs
     •TCWIBD05-09  WOTC and WtWTC Program
     •TCWIBD05-08  Release of Confidential UI Info
     •TCWIBD05-04  Veterans Priority Provisions

TUL 03
     •TCWIBD 03-06 - Youth Credential Policy
     •TCWIBD 03-04 - Smoking Restrictions
     •TCWIBD 03-03a - Youth Task Oriented Plan form WIB-40
     •TCWIBD 03-03 - Youth Services Task-Oriented Training Plan



     •TCWIBD 02-03  Youth Service School Referral Form

     •TCWIBD 01-13  WIATitle IB Adult and Dislocated Worker Recognized Credentials for Occupational Skills and OJT
     •TCWIBD 01-09 Risk Assessment

     TCWIBD01-03 - Debt Collection

     •TCWIBD 01-1b  Priority Populations

    •TCWIBD00-13  Dislocated worker
    •TCWIBD00-12  WIA Prohibitions
    •TCWIBD00-06  Compliance with ADA