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TUL 22

   • TUL 22-06 Salary and Bonus Limitations for 2022 

   • TUL 22-05   70 Percent LLSIL, Poverty Guidelines, and Self-Sufficiency Levels for 2022


   • TUL 21-07  70 Percent LLSIL & Poverty Guidelines for 2021

   • TUL 21-06  Bonus and Salary limitations 2021


    •TUL 20-04   70 Percent LLSIL & Poverty Guidelines for 2019

    • TUL 20-01   Performance Guidance




    •TUL 18-06  Salary and Bonus Limitations for 2018

    •TUL 18-05  Percent LLSIL & Poverty Guidelines for 2018

    TUL 18-02  Revised WIOA Youth Requirements


    •TUL 17-07 70 Percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2017

    •TUL 17-06  Salary And Bonus Limitations For 2017


    •TUL 16-05  Salary and Bonus Limitations for 2016

    •TUL 16-03  70 Percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2016

    •TUL 16-02   Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Procedures



    • TUL 15-07  WIOA Youth Requirements(Attachment A,B,C,D included)

    • TUL 15-06  Selective Service Registration

    • TUL 15-05  WIB WIOA Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) Policy and Procedures

    • TUL 15-04  70 Percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2015

    • TUL 15-03   Procurement - Property - Prior Approval, Purchasing, Inventory And Disposal

    • TUL 15-02  WIA Salary and Bonuses Limitations 2015 

    • TUL 15-01  WIB ETPL Initial Program Eligibility Waiver Process      


    TUL 14-08  Employment Connection One-Stop System Co-Branding Guidelines

    •TUL 14-07  WIA Title I-B Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth On-The-Job Training (OJT) Activities 

    •TUL 14-04  E.T.P.L. Directive

    •TUL 14-03  70 percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2014

    •TUL 14-02  Youth Work Experience/Internship Policy

    TUL14-01   WIA Title I-B Eligibility TAG


    TUL13-06  Youth Incentive Policy

    •TUL13-05   Salary Bonus and Limitations

    •TUL 13-04  WIA Title I-B Eligibility Technical Assistance Guide (TAG)

    •TUL 13-02  70 Percent LLSL and Poverty Guidelines for 2013

    •TUL13-03  Incident Reporting



    TUL12-07   Title 1-B Adult, DW, and Youth OJT

    TUL 12-05  WIB Directive Adult and DW Work Experience Policy and Procedures

    TUL12-04   On-the-Job Training National Emergency Grants Requirements

    TUL12-02   Selective Service Registration





    •TUL 10-06  Tulare County Self-Sufficiency Level

    •TUL 10-05  Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity Procedures

    • TCWIBD 10-03  Audit Resolution

    •TUL 10-02  Recovery of WIA tuition





    •WIBD 08-16   WIA 1-B Adult and Dislocated Support Services

    •WIBD 08-13 -Standards Oversight Subrecipient Monitoring

    •WIBD 08-14  Grievance and Complaint Procedure





    •WIBD 06-15    WIB ETPL List Policy and Procedures

    •WIBD 06-15a  ETPL WIA Training Provider Application

    •WIBD 06-15b  ETPL WIA Training Program Application

    •WIBD 06-15c  ETPL WIA Community College Provider Application

    WIBD 06-05    MIS Forms

    •WIBD 06-03    Audit Requirements


    •WIBD  05-14   Procurement-Property Prior Approval, Purchasing, Inventory, and Disposal

    •WIBD  05-12   Incident Reporting

    •TCWIBD05-04  Veterans Priority Provisions

    •WIBD  05-02   Limited English Proficiency







    •WIBD 02-01   Follow Up Procedures


    •WIBD 01-17   TCWIB Eligible Training Provider List Policy and procedures

    •WIBD 01-16   WIA Title I-B Adult and Dislocated Worker Supportive Services Guidelines

    •WIBD 01-15   WIA Title I-B Eligibility TAG

    •WIBD 01-14   2002 70 Percent LLSIL and 2002 Poverty Guidelines

    •WIBD 01-12   Youth Services Employment Connection System Orientation

    •WIBD 01-11   Customer Satisfaction

    •WIBD 01-10   Audit Resolution

    •WIBD 01-08   Appeals Process

    •WIBD 01-07a Selective Service Registration Technical Assistance Guide  

    •WIBD 01-07   Selective Service

    •WIBD 01-06   Clarification of Terms: Out-of-School Youth In-School Youth

    •WIBD 01-05   Procurement

    •WIBD 01-04   Building Access​​

    • TCWIBD01-03 - Debt Collection

    •WIBD 01-02   Program Income

    •WIBD 01-01   Contract Closeout 

    •WIBD 01-1a   Contract Closeout Forms



    •WIBD 00-15    Incident Report Procedures

    •WIBD 00-14    Standards for Oversight and Subreceipient Monitoring

    •WIBD 00-10    Appeals Process

    •WIBD 00-9      Non-discrimination and EEO Procedures

    •WIBD 00-8      Audit Resolution

    •WIBD 00-7      Audit Requirements

    •WIBD 00-5      Procurement 

    •WIB   00-4      Allowable Costs 

    •WIAD 00-3      Local WIB ETPL Policies and Procedures

    •WIBD 00-2      Tulare County Self-Sufficiency Level

    •#WD  00-1      Welfare-to-Work

    •#WD  00-1      Registration of Customers

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