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EMPOWERING PROGRESS A Year of Impact & Growth 

As I reflect on our year at the Workforce Investment Board of Tulare County, I'm filled with a deep
sense of pride and purpose. Our annual report is more than numbers and achievements; it's a
testament to our shared journey and collective potential. Behind each statistic in this report lies
a story: a life transformed, a family supported, an opportunity seized, a business flourishing.

At the heart of our efforts lies the belief that every individual deserves opportunities that empower
them, and every business should thrive with the right talent. The initiatives and impact reflected in
this report are emblematic of our commitment to this vision.

Our partnerships are the lifeblood of our success, underscoring that our mission is a shared one.
Together, we've made strides in addressing the pressing challenges of unemployment and
bridging the talent gap.

We stand at an exciting time. Our local economy continues to grow jobs at rates above the region
and state. Our workforce is growing at rates we haven't seen in decades. Growth in worker wages
continues to outpace the rest of the state.

Yet, with every achievement, we're reminded of the road ahead. Despite the challenges, our
steadfast vision, values, and partnerships instill confidence in our path forward.
Thank you for being an integral part of this mission. Here's to the work we've done, the challenges
we'll overcome, and the prosperous future we're building together.

Annual Report
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